Komposer User Guide

Komposer as a software is a simplified version of most industry standard 3D programs. If you have experience with Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max etc you will be able to pick up Komposer very quickly. For those who are new to 3D software, we’ve greatly simplified Komposer to be able to be easily understood by complete beginners.

When creating a new Komposer scene, you will be greeted with the following screen. Navigation in Komposer is done purely with your mouse.

Left Click – Rotate
Right Click – Pan
Scroll Wheel – Zoom

Komposer consists of 3 main toolbars:
1. Navigation & Placement
2. Scene Editing
3. Saving/Rendering

1. Navigation & Placement

1. Moving assets

3. Zoom in/out

2. Rotating assets

4. Undo/Redo

2. Scene Editing

1. Insert 3D asset

3. Camera settings

5. Object list

2. Import/Edit background

4. Ambient light brightness

6. Resolution

3. Saving & Rendering

1. Save scene

2. Order hi-res/download lo-res render

3. Komposer menu

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