CGI Production Studio

PICS are a team of dedicated CGI and animation artists elevating brand stories through engaging creative content


Using state-of-the-art technology, PICS delivers bespoke visual content for brands. We work on projects both large and small, from retouching existing still images to producing a series of CGI stills, and animations for local and global marketing campaigns. The PICS team has a wealth of experience and produces work with unparalleled craftsmanship – on-brand and to brief every time.


PICS are a team of dedicated artists that bring brand stories to life.

We engage with the leading creative agencies and the biggest brands worldwide. PICS has the expertise to help take your brand story to the next level. We produce visually stunning CGI stills, moving image and retouching work that will engage your audience across all marketing channels and platforms while also projecting your company’s values and elevating its long-term viability.