About the Project

CGI Stills, Retouching

This latest Bentley project displays the classic CGI / automotive case study of receiving client supplied CAD data combined with the shooters’ landscape backplates. PICS brought the backplates through full color grading and cleanup so that the environment was suited to such a regal vehicle. The modeled vehicle was composited into the finished backplates using a CGI lighting rig – utilized direct from the shoots environmental clues. Multiple POV’s and versions were thus generated for usage flexibility.


Mastering Perfection

KEKO, London / Bentley, U.K.

As proof of PICS dedication to mastering both craft and product accuracy we brought a high level of involvement to each product launch. Each of Bentley’s interiors offer a luxurious experience in the form of high quality materials and finish. Walnut and ebony wood, carbon fiber, chrome veneer, hand stitching and deep lambs wool carpeting all demand rigorous attention to mechanical accuracy and overall elegance.

After delivering on the original Bentayga brief, Bentley approached PICS with a long-term goal of four additional launch projects. Each campaign destined for launch material assets for large format, OOH, consumer print, digital, editorial and B2B. Endless options for a majestic brand.


Bentley Mulliner GT Limited Edition

Bentley GTC Yacht CGI ChalkBentley GTC Yacht CGI On docks infront of yacht

Composite retouching briefs often required meticulously piecing together 40-50 separate components to form one structurally rich, seductive image. Interior roof-linings, hand-stitched upholstery, textile monographs, and technical components were featured in the suite of 60-80 separate images for each car. What made this process interesting was the requirement for PICS to stay current with the product’s ever-evolving design as the vehicle itself underwent the prototype finalization stages.

Being so involved in this critical production process, PICS required an agile and responsive working rapport with the Bentley team each time a new model was created. Externally speaking, each model was retouched from various aspects, each perspective revealing the anonymous studio background which we refined and later graded to support a consistent and cohesive gallery of high-resolution images.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Mulsanne