CGI Experimental Reel

CGI Animation

An uplifting mix of CGI motion set to the feverish slide-picking of our first featured musical artist, Justin Johnson. Justin unleashes unbridled talent on his 3-string shovel guitar with a precision we could not ignore but will forever appreciate. So much so that PICS partnered with Justin to help showcase our latest CGI motion reel – one that would make all the Delta blues legends proud and one that transfers our inspiration to you.

As we fade into this CGI reel we review past and present CGI projects from wireframe to final render for Nespresso, New Balance, Tom Ford, Lycra, Huawei, Rolex, McDonalds and ending with running footage for Bentley Motors. Within each view of these brands are organic motion elements to showcase work born out of our PICS ‘Darkroom’ – where PICS tests possibilities, ignores boundaries and, ultimately, solves challenges that provide success for our clients.

Justin Johnson stays true to the roots of the music that inspires him as does PICS with the work we deliver – this is what PICS identified and appreciates in our partner, Justin Johnson, as we are both tasked to be precise, yet quick – all the while delivering inspiration. Those are our roots.

Justin’s fans and your brand deserve nothing less.