About the Project

PICS was requested, in partnership with Rolex and JWT, NY, to develop the Rolex ‘History’ motion and stills campaign. A nod to the unparalleled history of Rolex incorporating iconic celebrities within the context of art gallery surrounds. PICS brought the Rolex heritage to life with matchless perfectionism to every faceplate and bezel through proper lighting and blended shadowing. Agency and client now have scalable assets for both motion and stills for long-term campaign strategies at less overall cost than multiple shoots and separate retouching endeavors. As highlighted below the entire Rolex library displays PICS talent for superbly finite CG renders and our pride in unparalleled attention to detail.
No project deserves anything less.


Capturing Classic Craft.

JWT, New York

Having completed the first installment of CGI work for Rolex, we went on to create CGI animation for the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona model based off one, supplied watch. Having been given creative license with lighting and camera POV’s for the animation PICS was able to showcase this iconic watch in its full glory. As a measure of the limitless potential of CGI to produce the utmost in photo-reality this Rolex animation remains one of PICS favorite motion reels as it blends our dedicated team with the latest in tech innovation.

The wireframe renders featured below, captured during the modeling process, express the capabilities of CGI technology as a ‘before and after’ glimpse – as it brings out the ‘science-to-art’ process from wireframe to render. From one model PICS created multiple versions, generating a full product library for all media channels.