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Nespresso Festive

About the Project

McCann’s Nespresso Festive brief was to bring expansive and detailed animation environments to life providing audiences with both warm nostalgia and a subliminal invitation to a land of Nespresso while relishing in the moments of the 2016 Holiday season.

The fairground CGI motion provided client with a 2-minute animation reel with multiple cut-downs and nearly 30 hi-res stills for future usage. A definite homage to the craft of a paper engineering past with all the benefits of modern CGI builds offering diverse installations. Showcasing all the flavorful Nespresso options and side dish trimmings only added to the surreal fairground charm with the final payoff a visit to a Nespresso store near you.



Joyful Coffee.

McCann, Milan.

Supplied with a meticulously crafted set of paper-engineered fairground structures, PICS were asked to create a captivating two minute animation, various cut-down versions of the film and an extensive set of 27 hi-res stills for various touch-points within the 360 campaign.

Coffee-pods gracefully trace a rollercoaster track, cups and mugs rotate on a carousel and pods are transported by floating balloons. Crave appeal is created with macro pour and crema shots – all of which culminate in a successfully characterful, charming online film.