CGI Stills

Pepsi Max

About the Project

Liquids. Sometimes subtle, sometimes purposefully overdone, but never compromised. Liquids and the imperfections of random air pockets add to the realism, ‘thirst factor’ or ‘crave appeal’ that the beverage industry demands.

These prerequisites and ability to utilize CGI assets allowed Pepsi Max to avoid cumbersome photo shoots producing non-flexible assets that may not ever see the light of day – CGI provided scalability to multiple markets needing variable, vibrant color palettes. As shown below, the simple integration of a master asset file allows for image modeling in a plethora of options that are essential in the marketplace.


Global Taste Appeal.

Bloom, London.

Crave appeal through photo-realism translates to any language or culture around the world. For this Pepsi Max global campaign, PICS were tasked to create a consistently refreshing, unquestionably real set of images in CGI that we could efficiently adapt in-house for different markets. Blind tests consistently confirmed that Pepsi Max’s superior flavour out-preformed both Coke and Original Pepsi. Capturing these exceptional flavour cues with a reassuring but atypically vibrant colour palette (specifically for markets where sunlight hours are limited) was critical.

Between Bloom and Pepsi Max the smart decision to brief us for a CGI project-process was already made. It was clear for a project of this scale that traditional photography would have led to a lengthy process and an expensive and inflexible output. Integration of our master file with the suite of CGI product imagery could be modelled in any number of required combinations. As shown below in the macro shots, the detail and accuracy we were able to capture with the mastery of CGI was essential to making sure we delivered on the delicious crave-appeal cues so critical to marketing within the drinks sector.